A DUI is not only disappointing emotionally, in Washington, it can be financially devastating, especially for young drivers. Most teenage drivers convicted of driver under the influence don’t have the funds to pay for the costs, so its up to the parents to cover the fines, legal fees and monthly insurance increases. What does a DUI really cost in Washington state? Especially considering the auto insurance increases in the last few years? Well, we’ve got a pretty good run down here for you, to help you plan and understand where the costs come from. We also help you find the cheapest SR22 insurance in the state. We know a DUI can be difficult to deal with, but with our help, we ease some of the long-term financial burden by finding you an affordable SR22 plan.

The increase in insurance costs are the long-lasting financial costs due to the insurance increase. On average in Washington, a driver’s  insurance rates will increase for 5 years after getting a DUI. According to NerdWallet, The minimum fine for a first-time DUI in Washington is $940.50, but the resulting car insurance premium increases for the average Washington driver will be almost 2.5 times the initial fine—drivers will pay $2,334.01 more for insurance over the course of five years. Yikes. Those stats can put a pit in your stomach. But, these fines and car insurance increases in Washington are just the beginning.

Attorney fees are another portion of the financial damage, and those range, but are around $2,00 for a Washington attorney. And, this is if you use a public defender, not a privately-hired attorney. Following attorney fees are court-ordered fines. Those are non-negotiable, and the average in Washington for court fees was $1,100.  These are the fees outside of the car insurance increases.

Car Insurance Increases with a DUI Conviction:

Most insurance companies will spike your rates after you get a DUI. In Washington, there is a reported average increase of $800 per year, according to DUI Driving Laws. Nerd Wallet reports a more specific, $466.80 increase per year in Washington, but its safe to say the jump is high. This yearly increase is the long-term financial impact that most parents of teens don’t look forward to paying. Especially in Washington, one of the higher car insurance states.

Decreasing the cost of a DUI in Washington

We are experts in navigating various insurance plans to find you the cheapest car insurance for your teen, after they get a DUI. If you don’t call us right away, start shopping different plans yourself. You want to get an idea of what the different companies are going to charge you. Your current carrier may even drop your teen from the plan all together because some won’t cover a young driver with a DUI.

Get the SR22 Paperwork Filed ASAP

You are also required to file your SR22 paperwork right away for your teenager. We also offer SAME DAY SR22 processing to the Department of Licensing. You can buy the lowest cost SR22 auto insurance in 5 minutes, electronically sign the application in 1 minute and go down to the DOL to get their license back all in the same day. Give us a call.

Additional Costs of a DUI in Washington State: 

Traffic School and Substance Abuse Programs: These are a part of the Washington State license reinstatement requirements for drivers with a DUI. A traffic school and/or a substance abuse education program are the norm, and on average cost about $360.

DMV Fees: There are also Department of Motor Vehicle fees related to the vehicle registration and license reinstatement fees. Plan on about $260 for this.

Ignition Interlock Device Costs: These cost money also. There’s installation costs and maintenance. Washington State doesn’t just give these out for free. According to DUI Washington,

The fees associated with an IIL include:

  • An application fee of $100 sent to the DOL with your application;
  • A $20.00 per month fee paid to the ignition interlock device company which is deposited in a special account to help fund access to ignition interlock devices for indigent drivers;
  • The cost of the ignition interlock device installation and fees;

The cost of a DUI in Washington State is quite expensive, but once you’ve been convicted, there are ways to eliminate some of the financial burden by getting the best rate for your insurance and SR22. This is what we specialize in. See our SR22 insurance page for more information on obtaining your SR22 and the process necessary in Washington. We are here to walk you through it, and make sure you have the lowest rate for the best coverage.