You may recall the law that took effect on July 28th, 2019- motorcycle insurance now follows the same laws as auto insurance. If you have a Motorcycle registered in the state of Washington, then you are required to carry motorcycle insurance on your motorcycle.


Motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance in that there are things that may impact your insurance premium. Your driving record has an effect on your insurance premium. If you have tickets or accidents on your record, this can result in higher insurance premiums. There are different types of coverage that may benefit you. These types of coverage include, comprehensive, collision, underinsurance motorist, personal injury, and roadside assistance.


If you have a custom bike, you might consider custom parts and equipment insurance coverage as well. We can find the coverage for you that fits your budget! Contact Eric Johnson Insurance today and get covered! (253) 273-7064 / (916) 918-5045


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