Is your driving record haunting you with past violations? You may be asking yourself how long this high-risk status will last. The answer to this question is hard to find, but luckily we have some answers! Knowing why you are a high-risk driver is the best way of knowing how long you’ll be considered a high-risk, and provide steps to put you back on a standard policy.


One mistake many make is allowing their car insurance to lapse. The easiest way to avoid a surcharge is to have prior insurance. A surcharge will push your insurance into high-risk rates for 6 consecutive months! The best way to fix this is obvious: don’t let your insurance lapse. Many people get stuck with being high-risk longer than they should because of the burden that comes with paying the rate.


When it comes to being high-risk due to multiple tickets, you are looking at a time period of at least 3 years before minor violations start to disappear. Major violations, like a DUI, can affect your insurance rate for much longer than just a regular ticket. Major violations hang around for 5 years and usually come with extra requirements from the state. To make sure you have insurance, an SR22 may be required with your policy (more information about SR22’s can be found in other blog posts).


At Eric Johnson Insurance, we specialize in high-risk drivers and are committed to getting you on the road with an insurance policy that meets every criterion you need! Whether you are looking for an affordable policy or need to file an SR22, you won’t find anyone better than us. Contact us to find out how we can help you!  (253) 273-7064 / (916) 918-5045