From gender to zip code, there are many factors insurance companies use to calculate what premium makes sense for an individual given all the information about you they can find. However, nothing affects insurance rates quite like the signs of a high-risk driver.

High-risk drivers are a classification of drivers that are considered higher risk to insurers because of major infractions or unreliability when it comes to auto insurance. To determine whether or not you fit into that classification, read through the rest of this article; if you identify with any of the topics, you’re a high risk driver.
DUI or DWI are two of the most common ways to be labeled high-risk. Both refer to drinking (or being impaired by any substance) and driving. The potential risk is so high when under the influence that having a DUI on your record will immediately put you into the high-risk category for years to come.

Multiple traffic violations will eventually put you into the high-risk category. Over your entire life, you’re bound to get caught speeding one or twice here, or driving with a broken taillight or being ticketed for distracted driving. However, this usually happens over a long period of years. If you have multiple tickets over a period of 3 years, your preferred insurance carrier will drop you.

Most preferred insurance carriers will not accept drivers without prior insurance. Licensed drivers are required by law to have some form of insurance on their car. Outright negligence regarding driving laws will cause insurance carriers to charge you a rate on par with a DUI violation!

If you have a Minor in Possession violation or an MIP, you may see an increase in your insurance rate. Whether or not you were in a car, being in possession of alcohol or other substance as a minor can affect your rate, but some companies do not factor it in. Regardless, it shows you as a high-risk individual and risk always affects insurance.
Fortunately, high-risk status can be fixed, especially in cases of traffic violations or not having prior insurance. Time heals all, and this extends to your driving record as well! If you keep your insurance consistent and your driving record spotless, you can eventually move out of the high-risk status and back to a standard auto insurance rate.
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