It’s the beginning of a new year, and this means new laws take effect! This year, there is one law in particular that everyone needs to be aware of. As of 1/1/2020, Idaho drivers can face registration suspension if their vehicle is not insured. This law is even more strict than the existing uninsured driving law, which required drivers to obtain an SR-22 for a year after being caught driving without insurance.

It’s the law!

This law requires an Idaho registered vehicle to have insurance. This law applies to non-commercial vehicles and excludes off-highway vehicles and trailers. The Idaho Transportation Department’s Division of Motor Vehicles is sending a notification letter to all affected owners to alert them of this new law.

Vehicles that are without insurance coverage for two consecutive months will receive a warning, and drivers will have 30 days to provide proof of insurance or obtain an exemption before further actions are taken. Failure to provide proof of insurance can result in registration suspension. Once your registration has been suspended, you will be required to show proof of insurance and pay a $75 fee to have your suspension lifted.


Some vehicles are exempt and will require you to obtain an exemption. For a list of exempt vehicles, please visit

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