The most traveled holiday by a mile is Thanksgiving – over 48 million people were on the road in 2018. Thanksgiving is also one of the biggest holidays for DUI arrests. In fact, most DUI arrests occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving has more people on the road though, so when you combine high incidents of DUI with a larger number of people on the road, your chances of coming across a drunk driver are high.

Thanksgiving isn’t the only day to worry about. The day before Thanksgiving is commonly referred to as “Blackout Wednesday.” This is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, with bars seeing as much as a 270% jump in beer sales and a 114% spike on hard liquor sales.

The best way to understand this behavior is by having numbers to back it up. One-third of all driving fatalities happen during Thanksgiving. And 51% of drunk drivers say they drink more on the holidays. Basically, if you think you’re drunk, you probably are.

The Dixon Police Department recently tweeted “Partaking in #BlackOutWednesday and wondering if you’ve drank too much? Ask yourself this question…Is stuffing the best part about Thanksgiving? If you answered yes, you’re drunk. Call a cab.”

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