We do a lot of work in Oregon, and we have for many years. There are some straight forward tips we can give you when you are working on getting your teen their new license and insurance. They’re excited to get behind the wheel and start paving their way to independence, so you want to make sure they are safely covered.

The requirements to obtain a license as a teen driver are very similar in Oregon as Washington State.

  1. You must be 16-17
  2. You must have had your permit in Oregon or another state for at least 6 months.
  3. You must have completed the required minimum hours of supervised driving experience. This is done with a driver older than 21, most likely a parent or guardian. You must certify that you’ve completed the 50 hours of driving school by showing a certification card issued by the State of Oregon.
  4. You also need to submit a completed driver license application
  5. The parent or guardian needs to sign a certification of compliance with school enrollment or exemption requirements, or provide proof of graduation or a GED.
  6. Bring proof of your full legal name, US identity, date of birth and residence address
  7. Bring your social security number
  8. Pass the vision screening test
  9. Pass the written test, also known as the Class C knowledge test.
  10. Pass the driving test, which you can take 30 days prior to your 16th birthday.
  11. Pay the testing fees and licensing fees and you are all set

Once this list is completed, a teen driver is ready to hit the road, after they have insurance of course. Insuring a teen driver in Oregon isn’t a fun monthly cost, but here are some tips to get the best insurance rate.

Tips For Cheap Car Insurance For Teen Drivers in Oregon

Oregon has one of the lower car insurance rates for teen drivers. Value Penguin estimated an average annual premium would be about $5,024. That’s not too bad compared to the other state’s on the list. Washington is close at an average of $6,000 for an annual premium.

Should you keep your teen driver on your insurance in Oregon?

Typically, parents in Oregon just add their teen driver to their existing insurance plan. This is because the parents have an established credit, and they fall under a certain tier. New teen drivers don’t have this, so they end up paying a higher premium on their own. If the parents are paying for the insurance, then its more economical to keep them on their plan. If the young driver will be paying for it, then they can get their own insurance. If they have their own, they will be paying slightly more, but they are also responsible for any accidents and premium increases due to any incidents.

What about Teen Driver Discounts in Oregon?

Oregon offers similar discounts to teen drivers as we mentioned in Washington and Idaho. For example, if your child is attending college over 100 miles from home, and they don’t have a car, they may qualify for an away from home discount. Or, parents can even remove the policy while the student is away and not driving, then reactivate it when their young driver returns.

There are also other discounts parents want to look into. There are good grade discounts offered in Oregon, teenSMART education discounts, student away from home/reduced mileage discount, building credit and more. Your best bet is to call experts like us, who know the details and all the discounts available in Oregon, so you can find the best rate for your teen driver. Give us a call, and we can help you find the best rate for getting your teen driver safely on the Oregon roads.

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