Are you aware of teenSMART? Washington doesn’t currently offer teenSMART discounts for teen drivers who’ve finished the program, but Oregon and Idaho do. teenSMART is a newer education program for learning drivers. It’s a fairly high-tech, advanced education system. teenSMART focuses on the 6 factors that cause 90% of teen accidents. Teens who’ve completed and graduated from this program can find auto insurance discounts in specific states, like Idaho and Oregon.

The big six factors are visual search, hazard detection, speed adjustment, space management, risk perception and lifestyle issues. Here’s what the teenSMART site states that this is how the system works:

Teens learn about each of these factors through self-paced, interactive exercises that keep them engaged and interested.
Computer-based driving tutorials done on the home computer provide hands-on, in-depth practice. Teens are asked to demonstrate specific driving skills and are given immediate feedback. The computer software also provides a step-by-step roadmap to guide the teen through the program.
Parent-Teen Activities include lively and informative videos and in-car driving sessions conducted under parental supervision. During the driving sessions, teens apply what they have learned during the training to real-world driving situations.
A Certification Test completes the program. Teens receive a certificate of completion once they pass the test and upload test results to ADEPT Driver.

Insurance companies in Oregon offer discounts for drivers who’ve completed this program because there is consistent research to prove that the drivers have better crash reduction skills after taking the course.

This makes the Oregon drivers less risky to ensure. The program is also cheaper than most driver schools, though it doesn’t replace the state required drivers ed program. Its from $99.95 – $119.995, which you can recover from insurance savings pretty quickly.

Do you have a teen needing to enter driving school in Oregon? Here’s a link to the top 10 driving schools near Portland.

There are quite a few insurance companies currently offering a discount for Oregon teen drivers. The quickest way to find out is to call us, and we can let you know if your insurance company will give you the discount, or we can get your teen driver insured in Oregon with discounts and coverage.