Portland, Salem, Eugene and other cities in Oregon have a great At-Risk Driver program for medical professionals. The program requires that medical professionals report any drivers’ who’ve had severe injuries, are on medications that can impair driving and more, to ensure they are off the roads to keep other drivers safe.

Here at Eric Johnson Insurance, we focus a lot on high-risk drivers involving drugs and alcohol. Those are the main issues we find we need to help with when getting our clients back on the road, and fling SR22s. We like to focus on how you can get on the road safely and legally, rather than the mistake. We are experts in working with any drivers’ who’ve lost their license in a split second decision that wasn’t the best, but there are also the cases where there are medical conditions that cause high-risk driving.

Oregon has a specific program for these drivers, which helps the medical professionals prescribing medications feel safer about doing so. In Oregon, a medical professional is considered a “mandatory reporter.” Here’s specifically who can be considered a Mandatory reporter, based on their relationship with the patient:

  • Primary care providers, ophthalmologists or optometrists
  • Physicians* or health care providers** providing emergency health care services to a person who does not have a Primary Care Physician
  • Physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners providing ongoing specialist health care services
  • Physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners providing a specialist evaluation or a health care provider providing health care services based on a referral from the person’s primary care provider

Mandatory reporters must also be licensed, certified or authorized for practicing medicine in the State of Oregon. These specific jobs can be physicians, chiropractors, physician assistants, podiatric physicians, surgeons and more.

Oregon also allows medical professionals to voluntarily report, even if their relationship with the patient doesn’t require them too. It is their discretion on the safety of the driver.

Who Do Medical Professionals Report in Oregon State?

Well, there’s a guideline Oregon State offers to help determine who to report. These guidelines state that the patient can have severe impairments to daily living and driving like seizures, loss of vision, dizzy spells…conditions that can be dangerous when behind the wheel. The patient’s conditions are also uncontrollable. So they can’t be fixed with medication or help, and there is a fear of being out of control behind the wheel.

Medical professionals carry a lot responsibility in Oregon for this reason. They can go about reporting by heading here to fill out the form.

License Suspension for High-Risk Driving in Oregon Due To Medical Issues:

Oregon can and will suspend your license if you’ve been in an accident due to high-risk driving, even if it is a medical issue, rather than a substance issue. At this point, it depends on your situation, if you are eligible for an SR 22 in Oregon, or if you need to retire from driving all together. If you find yourself in this situation, please give us a call. We can help you get the coverage you need, your license back or at least point you in the direction you need to look.

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