We all know that having an open container of alcohol in your car is bad news. Not only is itopen container of marijuana illegal, but it’s a sure fire way to find yourself convicted of a DUI. State DUI laws are clear that open alcohol containers have no place in a vehicle. However, now that more and more marijuana users are driving around, there has been an increase in the buzz about how open container laws apply to marijuana and marijuana use.

Marijuana open containers are illegal

A proposed bill under Washington state law, and the marijuana provision, states that open containers are also subject to open container laws.  That’s right: an open, unsecured box or marijuana container may be subject to the same laws as an open bottle of liquor.

There are many facets to this bill and it is still being examined, but the writing’s on the wall: if you’re a marijuana user, you may now be under even tighter scrutiny than before. While we’ve always maintained that driving with an open container of marijuana is a bad idea, as it can lead to unnecessary scrutiny and may even lead an officer to examine you for being under the effects of marijuana, now the law backs up that standpoint as well.

The provision has some interesting aspects about open containers:

  • Marijuana containers can’t be located in the passenger area of a vehicle if it’s open. Seal it up! The passenger area also includes glove compartments, locked or not. Carrying marijuana in the trunk, if its separate from the passenger area (read: NOT a hatchback) is ok.
  • The bill applies to only containers of loose marijuana. The bill exempts marijuana cigarettes from the definition of “loose marijuana”.

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