Just last month, Ohio grad students invented equipment for Marijuana DUI testing, focusing on saliva.

Its really important to make sure you are driving safely and sober according to the Washington State laws on marijuana DUIs. Inventions like this are making it so quick and easy to determine consumption and blood concentration levels.

This device in particular, was developed by two women in an effort to help speed up the testing process. As it is now, if you are caught driving under the influence of marijuana in Washington state, the police must wait weeks to get results on whether you were over the state limits. According the an article in the High Times,
“As TV news station KXLY in Spokane, Washington, reported, the Washington State Patrol’s Toxicology Lab       produced 988 THC-positive tests from drivers in 2012, then 1,362 THC-positive tests in 2013.”

Inventions like this are helping to crack down on the increase in positive tests. The obvious reasons for targeting a faster way to test for cannabis use while driving and include: slow decision-making, decrease peripheral vision and impede multitasking, all of which are critical driving skills.

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