This month, new states passed legislation on the use of marijuana, while our neighbor,Idaho is holding back. Those states are: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Arkansas and Florida joined states like Washington, Oregon and California on the medical use of marijuana. In these states, medical use of cannabis for debilitating and specific conditions are legal. Arkansas still has yet to pass cannabis use for any reason other than medical, but finally, this year, with narrow percentages, voters agreed on allowing medical use of cannabis. Earlier this month, voters approved the ballot by a vote of 53.2% to 46.8%. Florida passed with a larger percentage, 71.3% for the use of medical marijuana with specific conditions determined by a licensed physician. The Department of Health is going to regulate the marijuana centers that produce and distribute cannabis. Ohio also recently passed the law to legalize the use of medical marijuana and initiate the marijuana control program. They became the 25th state on June 8th, 2016 to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Pennsylvania also passed the use of medical marijuana this year.

Louisiana allowed for the medical use of cannabis, but after November this year, doctors don’t need to prescribe it, they can just recommend it for medication. In 2015, Louisiana passed the use of medical cannabis, but because the law stated that doctors must prescribe the use, it was actually against the Federal law. Federal law states that doctors can only recommend, so Louisiana passed the law this year that fall in line with the Federal law requirements. More information on states with bills that failed this year, or who haven’t passed the use of cannabis for medical conditions can be found here. 

Idaho is still behind

Idaho is one of the states we serve here at Eric Johnson insurance, but they have yet to pass the legal use of medical marijuana. The Medical Marijuana Initiative wasn’t put on the November ballot this year, but Idaho is an initiated state. New Approach Idaho (facebook page) worked on getting Idaho an initiated state, but failed to get it on the ballot this year. New Approach Idaho is working on changing what they call “archaic” laws in Idaho. Stuff Stoner’s Like published an article on their work and quoted New Approach Idaho stating, “Idaho’s marijuana laws are archaic and illogical, New Approach member Bill Esbensen said. Idahoans suffering from medical ailments shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested for possession, he said. “If we regulate it, then much of it will be off the streets,” Esbensen said. “Prohibition has failed.”Some feel that Idaho is a difficult place to live, and are frustrated because the neighboring states approved legalization. For whatever reason, Idaho is a difficult state on the rules and regulations of marijuana. The Idaho Association of District Boards of Health seems to be the major reason the state is so strict. They’ve adopted a resolution that reasons why Marijuana should be illegal. They still see it as an addictive substance , like alcohol and tobacco, which they claim is a higher social cost than the money received from taxing them.

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