One of our competitors, Vern Fonk pops up a lot on the google searches, which in turn brings the question, is Vern Fonk worth it? are they the best? We decided to take a good look at one of our competitors and let you know because we are here to help you in overall insurance journey.

Let’s take a look at the Vern Fonk Insurance Company for our locals in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Vern Fonk is actually a credible, large insurance company offering competitive rates and insurance all over the country. They are particularly crafty with marketing, and they have established a reputation and personality that leaves them unforgettable and popping up for most search terms involving insurance. Because they are a bigger company, they have the marketing budget to be everywhere and memorable. But what about their service as an insurance company?
We found a great review on Vern Fonk as a whole. Vern Fonk specializes in insurance for Washington and Oregon, like we do, their headquarters are in Everett, Washington, and they specialize in high-risk driving insurance like we do.
Lots of similarities here. What we did find is that though Vern Fonk offers online quotes, they represent a lot of insurance companies, so there are no clear premiums we can use to compare their services and rates to ours. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so in reality, we’ve got a great company as a competitor, and we aren’t afraid to say it.
We are confident in our service and rates for Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We offer the same services and Vern Fonk, and even specialize in high-risk drivers, insurance after DUIs, Sr-22s and broad form insurance. What we hope you see from this post is that we are confident, yet we want our clients to have the best information possible when choosing who to work with. So, we are giving it to you, even if it means giving a pat on the back to a local competitor. That being said, here’s one thing you need to know, that we found:
As an agency specializing in non-standard insurance, Vern Fonk is unlikely to find a competitive rate for a driver with a clean record – the companies they work with simply aren’t positioned that way. If you’re in need of SR-22 insurance or have been turned down elsewhere, Vern Fonk is well worth a shot; however, don’t expect the best rates due to the nature of this type of insurance.
We are the experts in SR-22 insurance for Washnington, Idaho and Oregon. We can give you the best rates, and chat with you immediately on the phone. Please don’t hesitate to call (253) 273-7064, or get a quick quote for same-day filing!