January always brings lots of goals, resolutions, ambitions and dreams. We start on a weight loss regimen, jump on a new routine to achieve our goals…we don’t really consider taking a look at our auto insurance. We just keep paying it. But what if you just called, asked some questions and got a cheaper rate for your car insurance in Washington this year? In the years we’ve been serving Washington, Idaho and Oregon, there’s one thing we see happen to many people. They find a cheap car insurance plan that they are satisfied with, and they let the years go by without thinking much about their coverage.

You Need To Call Us Now, To Pay Less In Car Insurance This Year. Whether You Live In Washington, Idaho or Oregon, Each New Year Is A Time To Call. Here’s Why:

Insurance Companies in Washington, Idaho and Oregon May Offer New Policies This Year:

Each year, insurance companies add discounts to their policies, and you will never know unless you qualify. Have you heard of Progressive’s Snapshot? It’s a new option that you may love, and allow for a smaller monthly payment, yet you wouldn’t know about it if you didn’t put a quick call in to us or your insurance company. Here’s the video on what Snapshot is:

Your Age this Year For Washington, Idaho or Oregon Car Insurance Requirements:

Maybe you qualify for senior citizen rates this year, but you forgot to call and ask? Or, you might not be considered a young driver in Washington, Idaho or Oregon, so your rates are supposed to go down? Its worth a call to see where you are at, or how close you are to a new age bracket for policies, so you are current on what your payments should be and when.

New Discount Qualifications and Policies for Washington, Idaho and Oregon Insurance Companies:

A new year and a new you meaning, you may now qualify for a discount you didn’t before hand. In Washington, Idaho and Oregon, you can find discounts such as Good Student, Student Away, Military, Professional, Low Mileage and Safe Driving. Maybe you just enrolled in school again, joined the military or haven’t been driving much, so this year you qualify for a discount you didn’t before. Your insurance company won’t know to give you the discount unless you inform them, or call and ask.

The new year is a time we tell all of our clients to call and check if they qualify for new discounts and cheaper car insurance in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. We are experts at finding the cheapest auto insurance, so don’t hesitate to just call us and get it done faster, or submit the form below for a super quick quote and response.

Quick Quote for Cheap Car Insurance in Washington, Idaho and Oregon: