The senate recently passed bill 5052, prohibiting anyone under 21 to participate in collective gardens throughout Washington State.

The bill also reduces the amount of cannabis a patient can posses, while also prohibiting anyone under age from participating in a Washington collective.

A person under 21 can still be considered a cannabis patient in Washington, and a designated provider can purchase the medication for them. This enables them to get their medicine without entering the collective.

Despite this new bill, signed by Jay Inslee in April 2015, Washington is still moving towards a friendlier relationship with the cannabis world.

Right now, there is an oversupply of marijuana in Washington, due to the many confusing laws that scare and prohibit growers from recreational selling. Washington legislature is working on the tax code, HB2136, which will hopefully crack down on black market sellers and encourage a simpler business operation.

Despite Washington’s movements to encourage and simplify the marijuana business regulations, there are still strict rules on consumption. Many still fear the effects of high-drivers, workers and parents. Those fear abuse to a now legal substance, just like many abuse alcohol, another legal substance. Of course, the legalization doesn’t really boil down to whether people are safely consuming, its an issues of tax revenue for the Government.

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